Laugh. Work to live. Treat others well.

And never, ever grow up.😎

This is a collection of my memories and a tribute to those who have been important in my life. Thank you for stopping by.

My Song

10 thoughts on “Laugh. Work to live. Treat others well.”

    1. My pleasure! You’re doing a great job on your site. I’m happy to feature it! 😎

  1. Holy cow! There’s a lot to look at on this site! Very nice job. I’m looking forward to reading some more and checking out the photos. I’d also like to pick your brain about how you built this. Thanks for sharing! Patty

  2. Just showing off your site to Greg! Hope ours will look nearly as good when it’s done. Thanks for your help! Patty and the Rodeo Gypsies.

  3. Bianca Long says:

    Hey Girl! It’s me Poetic Blue!!! I’m stopping by to show you support 🙂

  4. Maggie Martos says:

    i stopped by to check it out! Played your song, etc. i have seen you post some nice things that you created about your family to Facebook. I will peruse now, but thinking this is more than I want to undertake. You are an amazing woman!

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