Meet the Beatles

In 1964, my mother met the Beatles.

This was accomplished at the Deauville Hotel following their Atlantic City Convention Hall concert, through her sheer brilliance alone.

Here are her journal entries, written several years later. What an absolutely amazing account!

musicnotes-tinyTicket to Ride and Help! (Ed Sullivan Show performance)

The Beatles – Ticket To Ride And Help!


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Page Two

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Page Seven

Article - "N.J. Wives...and a sitter...bound to see the Beatles"
Article – “N.J. Wives…and a sitter…bound to see the Beatles”


Article - "The Beatles Take the Cake"
Article – “The Beatles Take the Cake”   This piece seemed to overlook the fact that Mom was the actual mastermind behind the entire venture


Article - "Beatlemania Has No Limit on Age"
Article – “Beatlemania Has No Limit on Age”


Tickets, cigarette pack from Paul, autographed postcard
Tickets, cigarette pack from Paul, autographed postcard


Teen Life cover
Teen Life cover


Movie Album
Movie Album


Promotional Data submitted to news outlets
Promotional Data submitted to news outlets


2 thoughts on “Meet the Beatles”

  1. Hey Lori!
    This is Fab ….. ! I loved when you showed me this private collection at your house and now I’m happy that others can enjoy it also! What wonderful memories for me also as your mom and dad came to visit at our house soon after the Beatles landed ……… shortly thereafter I got my Beatles’ haircut !!
    Love you. Cousin Kathleen

    1. Hi, Kathleen! Glad you enjoyed this. I’ve wanted for so long to get it all digitized. How Mom managed to pull this off is just mind-blowing. You remember a lot about my mom and I’d love to hear more sometime! Love you too 😎

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