My Bowling Icon and His Ph.D. From the University of Life

I grew up watching my parents tear it up at the alley.

A recent score
A scoreboard from spring 2011, our final season bowling together. 150 is extraordinary for me (shouldn’t have blown the 9th frame). 183 is “slummin” for a former 200-average bowler like Dad.

Mom and Dad won tournaments under the team name VAL Vending. Both he and Mom were in the 250 Club and won many trophies.

We went bowling as a family a few times a month, at Mid-State Bowl in East Brunswick, the famous 112-lane Edison Lanes and Federal Lanes in Elizabeth, NJ.

Dad picks up the spare

Dad bowled pots for years, dominated the sweeps and cleaned up on the cash. A veteran on the lanes, he knew the game inside and out.

I was fortunate enough to bowl with him in recent years, and though I could hold my own on a good night, his skill and experience outshone me easily.

We’d gone to the US Open when it came to North Brunswick to see the pros in match play.

A short video from our final night in the “Just For Fun” League
at Brunswick Zone Carolier (now Bowlero)

Dad’s Ph.D. From the University of Life

  • Was a loving, hands-on dad when I was a baby and the BEST DAD EVER
  • Was a devoted husband and cared tirelessly for Mom throughout her illness
  • Was of honorable character
  • Had a kind and generous heart
  • In the strong, gentle hands of my Dad
    In the strong, gentle hands of my Dad
  • Knew how to maintain cars
  • Was competent in plumbing and electrical knowledge
  • Provided free pool cue tip repair to friends
  • Was best all-around driver at Ferro Trucking, with a posh retirement dinner fit for “The Pallet King”
  • Helped the children in Japan by bringing them food
  • Assisted people in automotive distress at roadside
  • Always did beautiful carpentry work
  • Made delicious food
  • Advised Granddaddy about cars
  • Successfully negotiated purchase of Nana’s house on Parker Street and Granddaddy’s Tavern on Warren Street
  • Built a beautiful professional-grade fence at Southwood Drive
  • Made countless home improvements and “Mac Gy-Vins”
  • Won many tournament gold medals for Clearbrook Community
  • “Wowed” pool pro Allison Fisher with trick shot that HE invented
  • Won a fortune at pool (in Japan and the U.S.) over the years, plus money for Puerto Rico trip
  • Got Granddaddy’s money back at pool
  • Had impressive mathematical ability
  • Cared for Nana when she lived at our house
  • Had always been an excellent automotive adviser and source of assistance
  • Was everyone’s favorite uncle, and a wonderful grandfather
  • Bowled a 300
  • Dad and me at my Sweet 16 dinner
    Dad and me at my Sweet 16 dinner
  • Won many bowling trophies and distinctions, including “250 Club”
  • Had great mechanical ability
  • Remained strong in mind and spirit despite life’s challenges
  • Made friends everywhere he went
  • Was extremely intelligent and creative
  • Trounced the infamous “Masked Marvel” and “Chicago Bill” on the pool table
  • Fixed many things at Aunt Marietta’s
  • Helped Aunt Dee-Dee with cars, etc.
  • Made the best Ice Box Cake and Cavatelli & Broccoli
  • Always worked hard and was an excellent provider for our family
  • Was an inspiration for physical fitness and good diet
  • Was the best driver I have ever known
  • What a wonderful and accomplished life.


My beautiful Dad passed over on September 16, 2015. Though I am joyful that he is again with my Mom, I miss him deeply. Life here will never be the same, but I know we’ll meet again some day.

I love you, Dad.