My “Top 25” plus a few

A while ago, a “Top 25” game circulated on Facebook. Here are mine (plus just a few). As with life itself, this list is ever-evolving.

Neil Richardson – Firebird

  1. Created by knogsky ( classic soul, disco, R & B, hip-hop and EDM
  2. Exercise because I’m inspired by my super-fit Dad
  3. Took flight lessons until I had to give them up due to migraine meds
  4. Went skydiving down the Shore and absolutely loved it
  5. Saw Paul McCartney in concert three times
  6. My Mom met the Beatles, and Dad could have gone pro as a pool player
  7. As soon as I started college, the WV drinking age spiked to 21. I was just 17. I also missed what would have been my first Presidential election, as I turned 18 a few days later.
  8. Drove Dad’s 18-wheeler
  9. Assisted my Mom (R.N.) in her Lamaze prepared childbirth classes
  10. Am thankful to be living in my dream house, with my dream husband
  11. Beat the tallest guy in my sixth grade class in the 50-yard dash
  12. Taught Sunday School and served as Council Secretary
  13. Started and directed a children’s a cappella choir at a local church
  14. Had a solo in Concert Choir in high school
  15. Made NJ Allstate Orchestra, as well as Central Jersey Regionals
  16. Achieved placement in the HS snare line after only a few months of lessons
  17. Made snare in the WVU Drumline; it was my “American Idol”. Simon has nothing on those guys.
  18. I got on TV at the Bluebonnet Bowl, and said HI MOM, and she saw it from her hospital bed
  19. I got on TV at the Sun Bowl and said HI DAD (he saw it, too)
  20. We planned and paid for our wedding and honeymoon ourselves
  21. Love to parasail
  22. Performed Who’s On First at a talent show in junior high with my brother
  23. Never had a cavity and my dentist said only his dental school models had better teeth
  24. Loved to Paint the Town with Mom as a kid; she always treated me as a little lady
  25. Despite the above, I was a tomboy growing up, preferring to ride bikes, climb trees and help my Dad outside
  26. Have always had a knack for cartooning
  27. Keep a daily diary, and have done so since age 11
  28. Was in a fashion show benefit once
  29. My work was featured in a “One Woman Show” in the school display case when I was in sixth grade, and I was profiled in “Spotlight On Education
  30. Performed on marimba at the WVU Percussion Departmental (as the only non-major). Dave Satterfield, Director of Percussion in the WVU Division of Music, asserted that I could have BEEN a percussion major. Cue chorus from the Heavenly Host. Akin to NASA declaring your balsa wood rubber-band plane air-worthy. Thanks Dave.
  31. Participated in the filming of the Dow Jones employee video
  32. Volunteered for the Shogun 27 promotional video
  33. When I was 4, my parents and I stayed at the famed Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. Goldfinger was nowhere to be found.
  34. My preferred drink is a classic dry gin martini with olives
  35. I’m not too proud to pick up a penny
  36. I can play Woody Woodpecker on the harmonica
  37. I got a hug from Greg Lake at an ELP concert, and Geddy Lee’s autograph after we saw RUSH
  38. Never met a Drake’s Coffee Cake or Devil Dog I didn’t like