WVU Drumline RFL
WVU Drumline RFL
  1. Li’l Drummergirl-to-Be
  2. A Spanking New House
  3. Riffs of Nostalgia
  4. Going To School With the Big Kids
  5. Dad Starts Trucking; Mom’s Ambition
  6. School Memories
  7. Disney Bound and “The Spirit of ’76”
  8. Fifth-Grade Follies
  9. Life Turns on a Dime
  10. Revelation; Farewell Grade School
  11. The Junior High Jungle
  12. On To Eighth Grade
  13. My Special Mom
  14. Farewell John Lennon; Hello Columbia
  15. Come again?The Dating Scene
  16. First Love
  17. Warning Bells
  18. Fun Summer of Dating
  19. Finally a Drummer!
  20. The Keys, Please
  21. Disney, ASTA and Band Camp
  22. Milestones
  23. End-of-Year Festivities
  24. Lucille & Lori Hit the Road
  25. Off to West Virginia University
  26. The Meat Market … and Fate
  27. Home For the Holidays; Bowl Bound
  28. Romantic Epiphany
  29. Summer and Another Shot At Snare
  30. Sophomore Year at WVUThe Pride of West Virginia
  31. Summer of Sorrow
  32. Moving On
  33. Spring at WVU; My First Ride
  34. Senior Year and “Legal” at Last
  35. Student Teaching and Romantic Crossroads
  36. Decisions
  37. Wrapping Up the WVU Era
  38. Work and Wedding Plans
  39. Bride-to-Be Fun
  40. Our Beautiful Wedding
  41. Alone at Last—Honeymoon!!
  42. First Year … No SweatCloud 9
  43. Work Changes
  44. New Job; Road to Homeownership
  45. Journey To Our Townhouse
  46. Endless Winter of ’94
  47. Professional Horizons
  48. Into the Sunset and Happily Ever After

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If a drummer drums in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does she make a sound?

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